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Day 4

April 19, 2010

It’s a challenge this self-bet of mine. No sugar for a month. I am taking the twelve step approach to my addiction.  Firstly, admitting that I am powerless to its sweetness. I have to form new coping mechanisms, they used to be toblerone, and anything from the Maynard’s family and now, I stuff my face with strawberries. I will admit that it doesn’t give me the same high as chocolate or candy.

Twenty-six days left to go. I just chatted with my sister, who tried to give up alcohol for a month. She is supportive, but as her month-long fast ended after day and half, she doesn’t seem to take my self-bet very seriously. I think that she must think that the addiction to anything is biological problem. Addictions to cigarettes, wine, men, everything seems to be taken seriously, but when my (fairly) skinny ass says it’s addicted to sugar, everyone sort of giggles.


Sugar Fix

April 18, 2010

So I have decided to give up sugar for a month. I am testing my willpower, and making sure that sugar ( as if it were a being that haunts me) knows that I mean business, and that I control my life. I am setting sugar straight.

I came up with this idea as yes, I was gorging on Mike & Ike, who are frenemies in the worst of ways, they get me up pumped up with their presence and then leave me with guilt, dissatisfaction, and craving more. I am teaching those assholes in the green box that I am not taking it anymore.

About 10 years, my friends and I came up with a bet to give up something we loved for a month. By using the honour system, we each pledged that if we cheated we would have to pay money towards a trip to an amusement park. The person who didn’t cheat would get their day paid for. So I began thinking about what motivates me, and I came up with a bit of a competition between my husband and I. We each have our own weight loss goals, so I thought that making a monthly bet, would give us the incentive driven by some friendly competition to help motivate our weight loss.

So, with this in mind, I decided sugar was our enemy ( at least for a month). Kenton decided that at the end of the month, if he won he would be able to buy a bike again, something that we haven’t had the money for in the past while. I decided to get on page, as I also had my eye on a vintage cruiser bike with bell, and basket. I was very excited, and thought how fun it would be if we could go biking along Lakeshore together.

Saturday night (Day 2 of bet) Kenton caves. Day 2 really? Wow. The Cadbury mini eggs did him in. I ate sugar-free halva ( sesame seed candy) envying his choice. Even though it would have been easy for me to cheat, and not hold him accountable to his, I didn’t. I want to prove to myself that I can get this filthy habit out of my diet. Since sugar is my crack, I need to quit cold turkey, and I am determined.

Party Planning

April 8, 2010

I find it difficult to get myself excited about a party or a visit to someone’s house when I am trying to eat well. Not only is there a ton of temptation, it’s also the etiquette factor of eating what is offered. Well, I have this problem doubly. Not only am I fussy due to my calorie counting habits, I am also a vegetarian.

If I am just going out to dinner with friends there is a bit of anxiety, when I order yet another salad my girl friends must think that I never eat anything that isn’t served as a starter.

I began thinking of tips that I could avoid these eating traps, while keeping everyone happy.

I eat before I go anywhere. I make sure that if I am going out for dinner, I have a real ( as in something I can eat, and have prepared myself) dinner before I go out. This not only ensures that I have complete control as to what goes in the preparation of my food, and also I will not be tempted by the less-than healthy options at the restaurant ( even though they say that they are healthy, doesn’t mean that they are!) Plus this way I can keep track of my calories easier. For purposes of socializing, I will order something small.

Pack Snacks. When I am about to be stranded at someone else’s house, I make sure that I pack things that I can supplement my meals with. I don’t expect my host to accommodate my diet, so I always have portable items like apples, almonds, and hard-boiled eggs along with me. When I am served only a potato (because no one seems to know what to cook in place of meat) I can add an item to my salad etc.

Speak up. Most importantly, you are your own keeper. As an adult don’t feel obligated to eat your grandma’s cake. Every time you give in, you are using other’s actions as an excuse for your own unhealthy habits. I see this so often. If you are serious about weight loss, don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings…and don’t trick yourself into thinking that it’s the real reason your eating poorly. It’s all on you, the more you speak up about your lifestyle change, the more your friends and family will begin to support you. But, it does take time. Be patient.

Healthy is more than the number on the scale

April 6, 2010

After a few months of not running I found it difficult to get back into it over the weekend. I was out of breath, I was whining ( something that I am sure my husband was not too keen on) and I couldn’t run my previous time or distance.

I chalked it up to my poor diet these days. You see, I’m stressed, and to be quite honest with you, I usually am quite the stress-monkey most of the time. If there’s anything that you take from this blog it’s realizing when your mind is unhealthy from lack of sleep, too much work etc, your workouts will probably suffer. I know it sounds all too familiar, and I know that it seems like it’s pretty basic info. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is more than just avoiding the free muffins at work ( even though you have been dreaming about them all day), it really is about how you treat your body, mind and soul even when you are not trying to get into that size what-ever dress.

I have been looking at weight loss and healthy living in a different way for the last few days. Instead of being obsessed with checking my “go to the gym” off my things-to-do list, I have been enjoying the beautiful weather by going for walks and hikes.

I know that this doesn’t replace cardio work-outs when trying to lose weight, but it does or at least of me, brought me back to mentally healthy. When times are stressful, I find that there is nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Heck, even doing some yard work can lift my spirits and make me feel better at the end of the day. It may even give my body a unique workout.

Being healthy in my mind is about linking oneself to their surroundings, finding peace and feeling good at the end of the day. I want Weigh@Healthy to not only be about my struggles through weight loss, but also about finding ways to be healthy in every aspect of my life. As I have found, my weight loss is directly linked to my overall healthy lifestyle and behaviour.

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

March 25, 2010

When I go shopping I do a few things to ensure that my sweet tooth doesn’t begin to control my grocery cart. First off, making a list is very important. Not only does it help keep you focused, it allows you to stay on track with the meals that you want to prepare from your cart. It also ensures that I don’t go down the aisles at the grocery store that are not related to the items on my list. This helps me avoid most of the middle aisles in the store. This is point number two.

Nutritionists ( so I have heard) state that the middle aisles in the grocery store should be avoided. When trying to stay healthy, one should only shop in the parameters of the store, ensuring only the fresh unprocessed food. My thoughts are that some stores may actually be changing the way that they organize themselves. Fortinos near my house has all the good stuff like ice cream in the end aisle.

Buy the same foods all the time. I find that I do my best nutritionally when I am purchasing the same foods week after week. I read somewhere that said ( I can’t remember where now) people who stick to the same 5-8 meal rotation, are healthier, and tend to pack on unwanted pounds from trying various foods. I know that it might seem boring, but there are ways to enhance that boring old omelet without tossing eggs completely out of your meal repertoire.

Take a look at my shopping list to get an idea of what I shop for to keep my weight loss goals in check.

Top 5 Healthiest Cities in Canada

March 23, 2010

I was talking to my husband about the unhealthiness of our nation in comparison to the US. This was after watching Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution”. Basically in a nut shell he travels to the most unhealthy cities in the US and tries to help the communities begin a healthier relationship with food. I found the show quite interesting, as I sit self-righteous-ly on my couch thinking of myself as a  health guru.

Anyways, I began thinking about Canada and it’s health. I was interested to find Canada’s Healthiest Cities stats, and thought that it would be interesting to post them here. I am also inclined to find Canada’s most unhealthy cities and post them as well. It’s interesting, and yet not shocking, that the cities with the most wealth, also have the healthiest lifestyles. Take a look for yourself.

According to Best Health Magazine (April 2009), by using 2007 Stats Canada as a resource, using 20 Municipal cities and reporting on five aspects of healthy living including lowest obesity, consumption of fruits and veggies, being active, lowest stress levels and healthy blood pressure levels.

Lowest obesity rate:

1. Vancouver 27.8
2. Toronto: 40.4
3. Montreal: 41.5
4. Victoria: 43.8
5. Ottawa: 46.3

Highest consumption of fruits and veggies (eating 5 or more servings a day)

1. Ottawa: 47.0
2. Montreal: 46.7
3. Victoria: 46.7
4. Quebec City: 44.6
5. Charlottetown: 43.8

Where is Toronto? It ranked in at number 9.

Pursuing an active lifestyle compared to the previous year:

1. Victoria: 63.5

2. Ottawa: 57.0
3. Calgary: 56.3
4. Brandon: 55.9
5. Winnipeg: 54.1

Lowest Stress Levels: 1. Corner Brook: 10.7
2. St. John’s: 11.7
3. Charlottetown: 15.3
4. Summerside: 15.3
5. Regina: 16.6

Healthiest Blood Pressure

1. Vancouver: 12.2
2. Calgary: 12.3
3. Ottawa: 12.5
4. Brandon: 12.8
5. Montreal: 13.0

Looks like the West wins out again, being overall, the healthiest place in Canada to live.

Making a New Plan for Weight Loss

March 21, 2010

I have found it hard over the last while to stick with both eating well and exercising. I feel that the better I eat, the more I want to exercise. It could be linked to my energy level when I am eating well. So lately when I am on a ‘binge’, I have re-evaluate my goals. You may have the same experiences, and have to re-plan your whole diet again so that it works for you, and gets you excited.

As I re-plan my diet,  I begin to think about what I really want out of my original goals. Was it just for weight loss? Were my goals unrealistic? I ask myself, as I chow down a dairy milk bar, and a bag of cherry blasters. I wonder if  began to get to too satisfied with myself, and therefore falling away from my goals.

Here’s what I plan to do to get back on track:

Evaluate my schedule. I am going to try for less work-outs, and be more diligent about sticking to them.  

As the nice weather is here, I am going to incorporate walking and biking into my regular transportation methods.

Plan new and exciting meals. I am getting bored of eating the same things, and therefore find myself craving crappy foods more.

Find a way to get active on the weekends with my husband. Stop using pie and ice cream as a way to enjoy a Saturday night.

Check out Self Magazine’s great weight loss tools at